Zooming in on Havana Vieja

Havana is a world heritage city. We make a complete immersion in the deepest secrets that inhabit the most emblematic sites iof the city: castles, squares, museums, fantastic buildings, dream views. The deepest approach to the history and culture of Cuban people.

Havana is a world heritage city. Let’s go for three hours in a complete immersion in the deepest secrets that inhabit its most emblematic sites, castles of high heritage value, squares, museums, fantastic buildings, views, in a deep approach to the history and culture of Cuba….

(Recommended on your first day of stay)

Duration: 4 hours

Pick up: we pick you up at your hostel.

What will we do?

– We will explore the historic center of the city.

– You will enjoy emblematic places of history and beautiful views of the city.

– We will visit museums, art galleries, colonial houses, castles.

– You will receive a detailed explanation of the history of Cuba and clarification of it and you will know its culture from the interaction with its true protagonists: its people.

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In detail:

We pass you by your house/ hotel and take you to the Fountain of India in the very center of Old Havana. This will be our starting point. There we will make a general introduction of the culture and history of Cuba in what we admire majestic buildings of the city such as the Capitol and the Alicia Alonso Grand Theater as well as its most recognized Central and Fraternity urban parks. We will move east, towards one of the most wonderful views of Havana and we will talk about one of the most emblematic monuments of the city.

A ferry ride will show us the beautiful view of the Bay of Havana and will guide us to the heart of the historic center.

Once we arrive at the historic center we will review the chronology and history of the town of San Cristóbal. We will travel through squares, emblematic streets, museums and appreciate colonial art. We will visit interiors of colonial houses and legendary bars where we will approach the origin of typical cocktails that today enjoy international fame.

In our journey through the heart of the city we will talk about its eccentric rulers, pirates who besieged it, invading English and unusual love stories. In the same way they will attend subjects linked to obsessed kings, mafiosi that operated in it, distinguished hotels, significant figures of their struggle and the intense bohemian life of their 50s.

Our walk will be a must to admire the frescoes, paintings and murals of your locality. Orient and make known the best sites for the acquisition of typical products of the country such as coffee, rum and chocolate and get into the daily life of its inhabitants. As well as learn from the ingenuity of Cubans and their ability to solve many of their difficulties. In short, prepare to interact with your society and know the variety of options that the city reserves for you.

At the end of the trip I will end up making recommendations about events, attractive places, night activities …

• Included

– Assistance and support from a local expert

– A bottle of water

– Ferry across the bay of Havana

– Typical Cuban Snacks

– One cocktail

• Not included

– Lunch

– In case your place of accommodation is distant from the historical center of the city, an additional transportation cost will be necessary. This will vary according to the distance to cover (usually it is about 6-10 CUC from the areas of Vedado or Miramar)

• Clarifications, recommendations, suggestions

– Children under 3 years old are exempt from payment and can participate whenever an adult is responsible for their care and behavior. Keep in mind that the trajectory of the route is long.

– Bring suitable clothes and shoes to walk long distances.

– Bring accessories to protect from the sun (cap, glasses and sunscreen).

– Bring along your photo camera!

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