Beach trip east of Havana

In the east of Havana del Este there are the best beaches in the capital. Its waters are warm, its view to the horizon, endless. We go east of the city to see the most beautiful beaches of the Atlantic in Havana passing the most attractive sites in the east of the city.



Havana Beach: a vast extension of white sand caressed by the blue of the Atlantic. Its waters are warm, its view to the horizon, endless. We set course toward the east to see the most beautiful beaches in Havana passing the most attractive sites of the eastearn side.

Duration: 10 hours

What will we do?

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In detail

• We arrived at your accommodation site in the early morning to make an efficient use of our day-light time and depart by car.

• We continue our itinerary by car up to take the tunnel that connects the eastearn side and the the city center. After passing 14 meters deep below the see level we reach El Morro hills on which raises the ancient Castle. Herein we contemplate a fabulous view of Havana dowtown and also visit a craft market (if available).

• We continue our trip and arrive to a very picturesque neighborhood called the Pan American Village to learn about the history of this municipality linked to a multiple – sport event that took place in the 1990s. We will appreciate what life is like over this part of the city. We will also explore a little the history of sports in Cuba.

• We continue our trip to the bohemian town of Cojímar where Ernest Hemingway imagined his novel the “Old Man and the Sea”. Visiting a bar frequented by the American writer we will try a Blue Daiquiri (specialty of the house). As we contemplate a beautiful view on the banks of the Cojímar river we will experience like him the nostalgia of the life at the fishing village .

• In the town we will take a look to a small fortification of the colonial period designed to repel fierce pirates and make photos in the roundabout where a Hemingway monument stands.

• We will then leave for the town of Alamar to discuss about aspects related to agricultural production in urban centers. We will see the local inhabitants buying products from the land directly from producers. (All natural, organic, without any chemical fertilizer). You will know about the production of typical fruit and vegetables unique from Cuba and the Caribbean regions and others that you have surely eaten without knowing where they come from neither how they look in their natural environment.

• Then we will continue our adventure to a farm that keeps one of the most beautiful collections of pedigree horses, some imported and others native to the country. Here you can enjoy a delicious lunch of typical or either international cuisine.

• We continue our trip to reach a vast extension of white sand caressed by the blue of the Atlantic. It extends all over the northwest littoral making your sight loose in the blue of the horizon.

• By 6:00 p.m. we will pick you up to bring you back home.



Bring along sunscreen to protect your while in the beach

Load small snack with in case you don´t want to get lunch in the tour.