The Rural Havana

Nine of the 15 districts of Havana province are considered less urbanized: what we typically know as the countryside. In these regions you can appreciate the purest of the cultural traditions of our island: ways of cultivating local products, centuries-old traditions of gastronomy and the first forms of art. The landscapes of the Havana countryside as well as are spectacular.
All this journey can become a renewing, regenerating experience for you … A trip back to the purest!… Continuar leyendo «The Rural Havana»

Havana of the 20th century

The most chic part of the city extends through the residential neighborhoods of Vedado and Miramar. A sumptuous urban center rises with a contrasting and divergent appearance to that of the historic center.
We move in a 1950 american car to draw in detail the features and mystique of another era…