Havana is one of the most visited cities of the Caribbean, with a mystical and well-preserved historic center of baroque castles and a rich culture of 500 years, surrounded by beautiful beaches, radiant landscapes, natural benefits and an animated urban nucleus of 2.3 million inhabitants, Havana radiates culture, mysticism, history.

We prepare customized itineraries. Our prices vary depending on the duration of the trip, how much planning is put into it, and what is needed to complete it. Prices are agreed upon before the trip takes place and before anything is confirmed. We work with freelance guiding teams, hostels, restaurants and event arrangers to give you the best experience possible!

We also have our own catalogue of private tours in Havana. Prices of those vary depending on the number of people in the group.

Let us guide you to make your Havana experience the best that it can be!


We prepare activities and excursions to show you our city, making you part of it and accompanying you in the full range of possibilities it offers. With our own style we promote a jovial interaction with our culture and its people. Providing the necessary facilities to optimize your time and the quality of your enjoyment.

If you have specific wishes, we can then make suggestions in accordance with your wishes and goals for the trip.
We always make sure to make your Havana experience an unforgettable one!
No matter what type of guidance you need; with historical focus, cultural, architecture or leisure, we adapt to your wishes and always make sure you are comfortable and enjoying your day with us.


The Sunset in Havana,
One of the most beutiful experiences ever!


Yohan Hernández
Hi there!
My name is Yohan, and I have lived in Havana since I was born. I lead an enthusiastic team of young graduates. We LOVE guiding and showing off Havana!
Let me guide you and make your holiday and time in Havana an experience you will never forget!

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